Thursday, May 29, 2003

Yeah...so everyone's hopping onto this live journal thing, and hell, I haven't anything better to do. Currently I'm sitting in the Madison Hall office bored out of my skull, serving as a "Summer Assistant," i.e. someone who gets a free room plus $200 a week to sit on my ass and play computer games for 20 hours a week. Yeah, this month should be fun. I go straight from Capital Hill to my room back at G-Dub, where I have approximately 20 minutes to cook and eat dinner and change out of my suit. Luckily, I get Sundays off, but that (coincidentally) is the only day mail services is closed, and they like to send packages back after a week, so I need to pull some fancy manuevering to get my PS2 I ordered off eBay. Not to worry, folks, I'm still an original Nintendo girl, but my computer is too fucked to play the Sims, and, well, I gotta have something to do when this Congressional session's up.

So I started working for my Congressman three days ago, but we haven't had much to do b/c Congress is in recess...The other two interns are real gems, lemme tell ya. Neither are from OK, either, so they can suck my constituent ass. First off we've got Cassandra-Plain-and-Tall, Miss Persed-lips who has the social skills of a goat. Yeah, she's going places. Then there's big smelly Justin, who thinks he is the Mack Daddy of Oklahoma politics because he worked at the OU paper. Um, right. The staffers are pretty awesome, though-and we're getting a new Chief of Staff on Monday so we're technically going to be more experienced in the office than him. And our press secretary is 22-she just graduated last year! What a sweet job--although, she doesn't get the special treatment at the receptions like the LAs (legislative aids). One really cool thing is that my best friend from home, Leslie, randomly came up to DC with her aunt to visit her cousin, and he turns out to be the Legislative Director! We all went out to eat at Old Glory, the closest thing to Texas style food in a hundred-mile radius. He's pretty cool too, Tom (Cole, the Congressman) is at least twice the age of everyone working for him, which makes for a really energetic office. As of now, I'm thinking being a Congressional Staffer would be a good job for me when I graduate, although I may rethink it when Congress goes back in session next week. Apparently it's like night and day when they're in recess and when they reconvene.

So, after putting in 12 hours today (which is scarily not out of the norm for the rest of the month) I am ready to curl up on the futon and get some shuteye. Nighty night.

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